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Below is a list of selected results and record runs that I have managed to achieve, I would say that my real passion for running lies in the really, really long stuff. 150 + miles where you have to go deep within yourself to get the job done. Dealing with the logistics of huge runs and the sleep deprivation. That being said I'm partial to a 10 mile Fell Race, sprinting up to a mountain summit and back down!

Southern Upland Way Blog:

2022 Races:

Feb- Wadsworth Trog Fell Race.

Mar- Inter Counties XC

Mar- Stafford H.Marathon

Apr- Three Peaks Fell Race.

Jul- UTS 50K

Aug- Trail Des Hauts Forts 50k

Aug- UTMB!


- King Offas Dyke Race, 188 miles. (Course record of 49hrs 42 mins.)

- Peak Skyline 1st

- Roaches Fell Race 1st

- British Champs Trail 100k 5th

- Ullswater Trail Race 1st (CR)

- Ultra Trail Snowdonia 100k 3rd

- Roche Abbey 50k 1st (CR)

- Old County Tops Fell Race 3rd

- Exodus Beacons Way 100 miler 2nd


- Spine Race 

- Langdale Horeshoe


- Dane Valley Way, 49 miles, 7:38

- Glyndwr Way, 137 miles, 25,000ft, 35:33

- Southern Upland Way, 214 miles, 28,500, 55:43

- Lakes Meres & Waters (winter), 103 miles, 21,000ft, 24:35

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