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Welcome to Trailjackcoaching!

I'm Jack; a long distance trail runner who has been running competitively in the hills and mountains for 5 years. I started out on the roads and soon transitioned to the steep stuff.

I adore every aspect of running, from a short sharp 5k to 215 mile coast to coast jaunts over the hills. Running has changed my life and the way I view things, my personality and my character traits. I became engulfed in the world of long distance running and literally ran with it. 

Everyone is on a different journey and is moving at different speeds, but the destination is the same! 

Enjoying the hills and mountains, building a connection with these wild places and coming down at the end of a run with a smile on your face, heading home happy and safe!

This website explains a little bit about who I am and why I run. 

Things I've achieved, what's to come over the next few years and more information about the coaching services I offer.

I'm 27 years old and I am still learning, I have made mistakes with my training over the years but my enthusiasm and love for this crazy sport keeps me intrigued and I'd like to think I'm on an upward curve! I am passionate and talk about running in a different way to most.

I can help you and take great pride in those who trust in me. Your running will improve and with it, your lifestyle and just about every element that makes you, you!

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