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Coaching and helping people get the most from their own running adventures is something I'm very passionate about. Everyone has unique circumstances and is on a different journey within the running bubble. I like to get to know my clients and use my imagination and enthusiasm to help them reach their full potential. I'm self-coached and have been for 5 years, I like to focus on "Quality not Quantity". Life comes first and everyone is different so all my training plans are personal and tailored made.


Pricing and Structure.

- A personalised tailored plan and analysis of previous training patterns. 

-Unlimited WhatsApp communication and a scheduled phone-call every 2 weeks.
- Zoom/Teams meeting before important events for preparation and a debrief after. 

- Research into your local area to see how we can maximise the environment we find ourselves in to improve output on specific elements that I like to focus on. 

- Training Delivered via Training Peaks App

- Adaptations to the plan on a daily basis if life doesn't quite fit, I can brainstorm and get the most out of the situation we find ourselves in, keeping the legs moving but being realistic and sensible.

- HR & Pace analysis 

- Plotting and planning of routes for clients who aren't as confident in Navigation or are looking to transition from the trails to more mountainous terrain.  

- Nutrition, Hydration and Kit advice for training and race days.
3 Month Training Plan
, £150 a month. 
6 Month Training Plan, £125 a month.

*Bespoke plans for shorter terms/Longer terms also available. 


My style of coaching differs from client to client but I like a high level of communication. It's a relationship and should grow naturally. I always preach that i'd rather know of any issues, problems or queries so we can move through them together to help limit the chance of any bumps in the road. Training is tailored around your work patterns, shifts and family life. 

Key elements that I like to highlight & prioritise are:

-Patience and Trust. Think long term.

- Clean rest is best, I don't do junk miles to build up Strava stats. Everything has a purpose and meaning. To get the most from the training you have to rest correctly. 

- Enjoyment, positivity, energy and enthusiasm.  

- You wont be training one dimensionally.


- VARIETY can be scary but I find it crucial and exciting. 

 Whether you're training for a 268mile jaunt up the Pennine Way or your first 10k, I work with a wide range of athletes with unique goals and aspirations. Communication is key, trust the training and enjoy improving. 

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Jack Scott

Long Distance Runner

Trail, Mountain & Fell

Running Coach

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No question too big or small, enquire below and let's get our heads together.

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